Glass polishing machines

Glass polishing machinesHorizontal polishing machines are designed for treatment of the glass plane surface (especially optical glass), ceramics and other materials. Polishing is done with the upper surface of the grinding wheel. The machine consists of a solid frame, electric drive and a table with stainless spattering drum. Wheel revolutions have a step control and they are selected according to the worked commodity. By customer’s request, the machine may be equipped with the following features: brake electric motor with foot control, stepless speed control, circulating pump with filter, container for grinding material.

Technical data

Diameter of the cast iron wheel 250 mm
Machine dimensions 800 mm x 800 mm, height 1 000 mm
Wheel revolutions 250, 350, 500 m-1
Voltage 3 x 380/230 V
Machine input 750 W



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