Four pot glass furnaces

Pot furnaces are heated with tangentially installed high-speed burners. The heating system is based on the application of a jet mixer, which allows premixing of the gas/air mixture in the required ratio and subsequent combustion of the mixture in high-speed burners. Combustion products flowing with high speed inside the furnace secure the optimal heat transfer into the glass melt and the total temperature homogeneity without local warming of pots or parts of the furnace. The output of burners is controlled automatically. The mentioned heating allows the ideal combustion from both economical and ecological points of view. The customer may require a supply of any other heating system. Furnaces are lined with quality high-aluminium fireclay materials. They are efficiently insulated with expanded fireclay and with ceramic fibre mats. The linings are tightened with a concrete structure and jacketed with a cover plate. For easy pot exchange, special steel doors lined with expanded refractory material or doors equipped with a special block are used. The furnaces are supplied with cold or warm glass pocket, which allows the retaining of leaked glass melt and its subsequent evacuation. Combustion products are exhausted from the melting zone through the bottom into the exhaust flue and the chimney. We deliver one-, two-, four- or six-pot furnaces.

Technical data

Rated capacity 200-2400 kg glass (by pot size)
Number of pots 4 pcs
Pot size outer diameter 600-1 100 mm
Fuel natural gas/propane
Operation temperature 1100 -1450 °C
Heating system speed burners with recuperator
Control of burner output automatic
Voltage 3 x 380 / 230 V, 50 Hz
Installed electric input 2-7,5 kW



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