Day tank glass furnaces

Day tank gas furnacesDay tank furnaces are designed for melting various types of glasses. Better quality glass and lower consumption are achieved by melting cullet. The tank is built up of cast, high quality bricks, thoroughly insulated. The whole lining is tightened with a steel structure, which allows compensating masonry dilatation during the heating up of the furnace. The heating system is based on application of a jet mixer, which allows the premixing of gas/air mixture at the required ratio and subsequent combustion of the mixture in high-speed burners. Combustion products flowing with high speed inside the furnace ensure an optimal heat transfer into the glass melt. The capacity of the burners is regulated automatically. The given heating enables an ideal combustion both from economical and ecological points of view. On customer’s request any other heating system is available. Combustion products are exhausted into a chimney through a hole in sidewall. The furnace temperature is measured with thermocouples; a momentary temperature is displayed on a control panel. The furnace may be equipped with one, two or three working holes.

Technical data

Nominal capacity 100-3000 kg glass (by tank size)
Number of working holes 1-3 pcs
Fuel natural gas/propane
Operation temperature 1100 -1450 °C
Heating system high-speed burners with recuperator
Regulation of burner output automatic
Voltage 3 x 380/230 V, 50 Hz
Installed electric input 2-7,5 kW


Day tank gas furnaces
Day tank gas furnaces
Day tank gas furnaces
Day tank gas furnaces


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