Pot arches

Pot archesPot arches allow heating of one or more pots (rings, stirrers …) to the operation temperature. The furnaces are supplied as chamber furnaces of stable construction. In the front wall, a steel door is installed which may be opened to an arbitrary side, or it may be lifted. The furnace bottom is lined with hard refractory material and the upper construction is built up of fibre modules. The furnace is heated with burners installed in heating channels in the furnace bottom. The system of heating channels allows reaching the temperature homogeneity and optimal heating of the pots at low gas consumption. The combustion products are exhausted through a central channel at the back of the furnace. Two thermocouples, located in the arch and side wall, allow measuring of the temperature and heating of the pot according to the specified tempering curve.

Technical data

Operation temperature 20-1250 °C
Fuel natural gas/propane
Inner dimensions by number and size of pots
Voltage 3 x 380/230 V, 50 Hz
Regulation of the burner output manual


Pot arches
Pot arches
Pot arches
Pot arches


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