Glory holes

Glory holesThe glory holes are designed for fusing edges, warming up and polishing of hand processed glass products. They consist of a metal frame installed on a mobile undercarriage and of a drum itself with an automatic burner. A perforated cover plate of the drum provides low temperature of the equipment; the inner fibre lining allows reaching the required operation temperature in a very short time after ignition of the burner. Special advantages of the glory holes are a very low gas consumption, operability and high efficiency. Fibre glory holes with automatic burner have been approved by the State Testing Laboratory (SZÚ) Brno. The company EGT also supplies glory holes of different constructions. These are large glory holes with recuperators or, on the contrary, smaller ones according to the specific requirements of the customers.

Technical data

Inlet hole diameter 90-500 mm
Fuel natural gas/propane
Operation temperature 1200 -1500 °C
Noise level max. 72 dB/A
Type of burner automatic or speed
Voltage 3 x 380/230 V, 50 Hz


Glory holes
Glory holes


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